Why choose acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels have gained popularity in various spaces over the years, not only for aesthetics but function too! They are mainly designed to either reduce, correct or absorb sound levels.

Although often utilised in noisy spaces, they can also be applied in the comfort of a home simply for aesthetics.

Check out all the amazing features you might want to know about our acoustic products below!




RSC - 0.5S

RSC - 3.0S

RSC - 5.0S

RSC - 10.0S



Where & how to apply acoustic panels?

Acoustic solutions can be applied anywhere at anytime, be it in a large conference hall or in the comfort of a home. Handpick any colour, shape, size & finishing you desire from our wide customizable options!

  1. Suitable for all interiors e.g. home, office, school campuses, hotels, f&b outlets, retails spaces, arts & educational sectors etc.
  2. Assemble PET is popularly applied on walls due to its lightweight material as well as its versatility in customisable options.
  3. Assemble PET panels can function as a modular room divider or even pin-boards for educational or commercial environments!
  4. Wood Wool is commonly used on ceilings e.g. concealed tee, exposed tee, floating & baffle ceiling applications.
  5. Wood Wool is durable in areas with high humidity up to 90% or even harsh weather conditions e.g. outdoors, spas, saunas, steam rooms etc.
  6. Both Assemble PET & Wood Wool are a highly adaptable & versatile medium in either practical or creative solutions.


Assemble PET

Assemble PET is manufactured through a process which is free from chemicals, binders and adhesives. Made from 100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), 50% of its raw materials are recycled post-consumer products such as plastic bottles.

Due to its recycled raw materials and sustainable manufacturing process, Assemble PET is accredited with the Singapore Green Building Product Label.

Wood Wool

Wood Wool contains two of the world’s oldest building materials. Made of 65% wood fibres and 35% cement, using only from sustainable plantations and the natural process of mineralisation, which gives it its raw aesthetic finish.

Due to its natural raw materials and sustainable manufacturing process, Wood Wool is also accredited with the Singapore Green Building Product Label.

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