Assemble PET

Assemble PET is manufactured through a process which is free from chemicals, binders and adhesives. Made from 100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), 50% of its raw materials are recycled post-consumer products such as plastic bottles.

Due to its recycled raw materials and sustainable manufacturing process, Assemble PET is accredited with the Singapore Green Building Product Label.


1. Recycled Plastic

Made from everyday use plastic bottles





2. Chipped Pellets

Bottles chipped into tiny pellets, then washed and Sanitised





3. Melted Resin

Pellets are melted  into resin and mixed with colours. The resin is then pumped through a spinneret device.



4. Compressed and Ready to use

Resin is pumped into a shower-head like device and spun into cotton like fibers

5. Compressed and Ready to use

Fibers are put on a belt and repeated compressed into a high density board



Recycled Material

Raw materials consist of recycled post-consumer products e.g. plastic bottles.

Green Material

Sustainable manufacturing process free from chemicals, binders & adhesives.

High Sound Absorption

Helps to dampen noise & promote excellent acoustic performance in comfort.

Anti-rot & Anti-fungi

Able to withstand harsh environment & external weather without rotting.

Low Moisture Absorption

Retains moisture in ambient air & controls humidity by absorbing & emitting less.

Non- Flammable

Product will melt & self-extinguish in case of contact with fire.

Fire Regulations

Complies with BS 476 Part 6 & 7 fire requirements under Singapore FSB regulations.


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